CESAR Gourmet Filets in Sauce Wet Dog Food

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Contains twenty-four (24) 3.5 oz. easy peel trays of CESAR Adult Soft Wet Dog Food Filets in Gravy Filet Mignon Flavor

Top Positive Review

Warning! Do not start your dog on these unless you are ready to continue with them. Okay, this may be just with my Poodle dog but I decided to give him a treat and purchase Cesar for him. NOW he turns his nose up at everything else and demands to be fed Cesar. If I stick dry dog food in his bowl he just passes it buy and walks around the box that has the Cesar boxes in it. He quickly realized where the source of those Cesar boxes was and now he’s hooked. Frankly, I’d love to get him to balance out his diet with some dry dog food also but for the foreseeable future he knows he’s getting Cesar and he demands it.

Top Critical Review

The quality of Cesar’s has really hit bottom in it’s quality!! Several months ago I noticed pieces of fascia and not small pieces along with large pieces of I can’t even tell what it is! Eewww!!! I still have 5 large boxes of 24 containers which I will gladly donate to a rescue group but I will tell them what I have discovered and then they can decide to use it or throw it out. I’m not saying my dog refused to eat it especially after I pain stakingly removed the bad stuff that I could see. My question is what’s in there u can’t see??

Customer Questions & Answers

My dog and my sister dog will only eat the loaf with gravy style ,any of the others they won’t eat is there something different it the others ?
Answer: Yes more fat and have gravy, with a few vegetables, and does not say loaf. But ones that say loaf. Less fat and very little gravy.

does the wet food need to be refrigerated? had some delivered today & boxes were cold- in arizona. will it go bad if i don’t refrigerate now?
Answer: We refrigerate the small containers of individual foods only once they’ve been opened. The rest are stored in a kitchen cabinet.

feed adult dogs approximately 3 1/2 trays daily per 10 lbs. body weight. really? 3 1/2 daily?

Yes. These are for small dogs. My wife’s little yappy rat dog is 6-7 lbs. and she eats 2 per day. She is also 14 years old and doesn’t eat as much. These are made for small dogs to eat with little to no left-overs. My dogs; much younger and one at 60 lbs. the other at 75, could easily eat the whole box in one day and b??

Does the Cesar wet dog food Filets come in a pack of 36?
Answer: Just 24 packs. I subscribe and receive a 24 pack once a month. I keep an extra 24 pack on hand to supply my little guy after the third week when I run out. Hope this helps, cop loves this stuff !

What is the expiration date on the Cesar filet mignon flavor dog food trays?
Answer: cesar porterhouse steak flavor date 10/20/19

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