Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Adult Canned Wet Dog Food

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Six (6) 13 Oz. Can – Purina One Smartblend True Instinct Natural Classic Ground Grain-Free Wet Dog Food Variety Pack

Top Positive Review

My 29lb dog (3 years) loves his wet Purina One Game Bird. I purchased it because it has ??cooling?? or ??neutral?? foods instead of ??warming?? chicken. He is less growly on this food than his more expensive food. I would keep with it but he chokes and throws up the tiny bones. We took him to the Vet and the x-ray showed little bits of something in his stomach. The Vet was not concerned and said the bits were small enough to pass; however, we are changing to Purina Beyond wet which does not list ??by-products?? which is code word for ??can contain bones??.

I would also agree with another reviewer that half of the cans in the case come dented. I think Amazon could work on their packing. Especially when I use subscribe & save and this heavy case of dog food comes bouncing around in the same box as everything else.

Top Critical Review

Well, Ive only had this food for two days and the results have not been good for my dog.. I have a 7 yr old blue nose pit that can and will eat anything i throw at him. His stomach is tough and few foods have ever had a affect on him. That all changed yesterday, he liked the food yes, but only an hour or so after feeding him, he began stinking up my apartment. He had the worst gas one could imagine, followed by 2 runny discharges. At first, i didn’t connect it to the food since that had never been a issue for him.. So, i figured i would wait and see what happened when i fed him this morning. After that, it would be hard to convince me it wasn’t the food, his reaction today was identical. Within a hour or so, here came the gas, followed by the runs.. He didn’t even finish his food this morning, which was not like him at all. So, around 3pm, i went and got another brand of food for him. He was starved since he didn’t eat much in the morning, but i waited until 6pm to feed him again.. As i expected, the new food was fine, no gas or runs since i fed him over 4 hours ago. All dogs are different, just like we are. I’m not dissing the product or saying not to buy it. I’m just letting people know the experience my dog had with it. Some dogs may be fine with it, some like mine may not.. Hope this helps!

Customer Questions & Answers

What is the calorie amount per can?
Answer: Both of these recipes have 483 calories per 13 ounce can.

Of the grain-free which is the most solid or has big chunks. My dog doesn’t like the mushy kind?
Answer: I only buy the purina one GRAVY, not the ground. The gravy variety has big chunks with gravy.

Is the purina one smartblend wet dog food variety pack 6 cans of the tender cuts & gravy, or is it 3 of tender cuts and 3 cans of the ground stuff?
Answer: Hi! This is Amber with Purina ONE. The variety pack here offers the Tender Cuts in Gravy. You can find our Purina ONE SmartBlend Classic Ground variety pack on Amazon’s website here: http://amzn.to/2tLvaTn. Hope this helps!

food good for the urine track
Answer: Mishty Petz Urinary tract health for dogs. Cranberry and probiotics and must taste really good because my dog gets excited when she sees me bring out the container.

Is this grain free?
Answer: Yes

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