Taste of the Wild Smoked Salmon High Protein Real Fish Recipes Premium Dry Dog Food with Real Salmon

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Taste of the Wild with Ancient Grains Ancient Stream with SMOKED SALMON dry dog food; REAL FISH is the #1 ingredient; high-protein (30%) to help support bones, joints and LEAN, STRONG MUSCLES

Top Positive Review

EDIT 10/18/20:
This review was supposed to be about the other GRAIN FREE version but I had ordered this Ancient Grains so that maybe my dog would benefit even greater but I think I was wrong. At first my dog Booboo was eating this food because I now realize that i had mixed in some of her old food to “ween” her off of it because its not good to just switch your dogs food right away, you have to slowly introduce them to a new brand or type of dog food. So anyways, after I had stopped giving her the mixed food and I was giving her only the Ancient Grains, she slowly stopped eating it and he poo was getting soft and wet instead of solid and normal. So as of now she will not eat this food and its been 3 days! I had to mix it with wet dog food and even then she ate half or only small portions and now she wont even eat that! I have to give her can food only!

SO, thank god I got the old “grain free” version today and guess what? SHE ATE THE ENTIRE BOWL AND WAS SO HAPPY! So, sadly I cannot recommend this Ancient Grains but as a whole this company does a great job and truly cares about animals so please people don’t be disrespectful to them

My dog started eating this as a pup due to her having severe allergic reaction to CHICKEN FAT (chicken fat is the NUMBER ONE food allergin for dogs btw). Every vet doctor that I had brought my dog to said things like, “she’s not going to live long”, “Its a hereditary blood disease, we need more money for lifelong care”, “more money for tests”, etc, etc, etc… NOT ONE VET EVEN SUGGESTED AN ALLERGY TEST!

Anyways, after reading about how chicken and chicken fat should not be fed to most dogs, I decided to change foods. I found this brand. Literally a month later all the symptoms and issues with my dogs skin and immune system cleared up and has been GONE for 10 years now!

I can’t believe people are quick to blame this company for the class action lawsuit! It has nothing to do with the brand or quality of food! The lawsuit stems from a supposed problem frm a grain free diet and possible heart problems in dogs. This company IS ONE OF MANY companies involved in the lawsuit. No dogs are not getting sick from this food and anyone who says their dog has gotten sick from this brand is either lying or their dog had eaten something else or they’re over exaggerating. If any dog has gotten sick from this food, they’re a extremely small percentage and doesn’t represent the majority or the quality of this brands dog food.

This will be the ELEVENTH year my Boston Terrier has been eating this exact brand. She went from having severe skin issues and immune problems from other brands with chicken and chicken fat to one of the most healthy dogs I’ve ever seen. She’ll be 11 next year and she has ZERO gray hairs and the vet who’s unfamiliar with her said she’s 5 years old when she was actually 10 lol

This dog food literally saved my dogs life and saved me THOUSANDS on doctor bills! Thank you

Top Critical Review

We have had our now 6 year old heeler on TOTW his entire life. A few times we??ve gotten a bag where clearly something was wrong with the food in the bag and he??d get sick after eating it. I??d always consider changing brands, but after lots of research and Dog Food Advisor, returned to TOTW, just ditching the bad batch and buying a different flavor for the time being, and my dog would be alright after he evened out. Honestly reading dog food reviews it seems like this is a necessary evil with most kibble brands. This last bag, though, was the last straw; he became really sick. I immediately replaced the bag with Merrick raw infused and he slowly felt better. Having apparently a terrible short term memory, I poured the entire bag of merrick into the dog food container, on top of the TOTW food at the bottom. All was well until we reached the level of the container where now I was scooping from TOTW food again; sure enough, I was up for six hours last night with my dog running outside to be sick, whining to come in to sleep, running outside to be sick again. I??m over it. We??re done with TOTW forever. Also, I??m pretty done buying dog food on amazon. It seems okay, and I like saving a few bucks and having it dropped on my porch rather than lugging it home; but it??s so hard to know where these resellers are sourcing their food, how long it??s been in warehouses and whatever conditions they might be sitting in. At least with a pet food store I can be confident that the merchandise is moving at a relatively steady pace and they??re accountable for any bad batches.

Customer Questions & Answers

Why isn’t the 14 pound bag offered in subscribe and save?
Answer: Hello ?C TOTW here! Please know, our 14-pound Pacific Stream Canine Recipe is available for subscription. However, TOTW does not have control over when a discount is offered. For more information on the Subscribe & Save program, please visit https://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=15283820011.

Should we ignore the lawsuit filed in illinois in march of 2019 claiming the consent knowingly hid the fact that testing found large amounts of lead ?

This isn’t the only company and it has nothing to do with “poison”. Every dog food manufacturer that sold “grain free” dog food is included. Since some study concluded that grain free dog food supposedly causes heart problems (never mind my dog is 11yo and been eating this brand for 10 years and looks like she’s 5yo) s??

Can anyone tell me if taurine percentage is sufficient for daily requirement?

Hello ?C TOTW here! Our Pacific Stream Canine Recipe contains 0.12% taurine on an as-fed basis. Please know, taurine has not yet been recognized as an essential ingredient in dog food and the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) does not provide recommendations for the amount of taurine in the food. Ta??

Do it has any % of seafood?
Answer: Hello ?C TOTW here! Our Pacific Stream Canine recipe contains a variety of salmon, ocean fish meal, salmon meal and smoked salmon. While we cannot provide ingredient ratios as it is considered proprietary information, the ingredients are listed in descending order by weight in the ingredient deck.

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